Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pictures of.. mostly Jaten :)

Margaret, Jaten and Travis.
Cousins- Megan, Mara, Jaten and Margaret.

Daddy Peter and Jaten.

Watching Mr. Bean. :)

Jaten and Aaron.

Telling Grandpa a story.

Getting kinda sleepy in Mara's lap.

Visiting about things.

Cute boys :)

Luke, Peter and Jaten.
Feeling pretty good on Mommy's lap.

Holly and Peter with a baby goat.

Jaten and Me.

Mara and me, both age 10.

Jaten with auntie Abbi.

Henry's turn to hold baby :)

Jaten and uncle Travis.

Anna's Pantene commercial, After we straightened it. :)

Margaret and Ninia.

Nic and Jaten.

Grandpa and kids gathering maple sap.

Peter and Jaten.

Sweet, Beautiful Jaten.

We are definitely having a marvelous time.
Happy day!
Love, Keren


martha said...

Love, Love, love all of them! 2nd pic; looks like the two older cousins think something is funny. 4th pic; such a silly family sitting around the laptop! 6th pic; She most have been telling a very funny story! 8th pic; I think I would like to visit with both of you. 9th pic; She does seem very happy to be sitting on mom. 10th pic; gotta have a picture of Peter and Holly by the back door with a baby goat whenever they come. 11 and 12th pics; your nieces look a lot like you! It certainly looks like a marvelous time!

In The Potter's Hands said...

Thanks for sharing all your picture Keren! Love seeing everyone together. Jaten is a cutie for sure and it's amazing how much she looks like your baby picture. I've been thinking lately that Mara looks a lot like you too. Glad ya'll are having a great time. Hope you have a very blessed Easter as we all celebrate Christ's resurrection together in spirit. :) Love ya!

Margaret J said...

super cute!

Donna Jean said...

those are some pretty cute pictures!!!! :)

Anna said...

What a beautiful family you have :)