Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Independence day. and before.

Well, It was a whirlwind of summer activities.
( Lots of photos here...)
Starting Saturday June 26th.
Megan and Aaron were home alone with Abbi since the others went to Valley Fair.
They came over to our house for supper, and came wearing crowns made by the talented Mr. Aaron.
( This picture isn't posed by the way.)
They were fixing up a fairy house. I thought that Aaron and Megan's crowns were just marvelous so I asked Aaron to make me one too. I had to pay him 3 birch dollars though.

Aaron informed me what he was going to be when he grew up.
A Professional Golfer.

He actually was pretty good. He got high and far hits. Dad was worried about us hitting windows. With good reason. :)

Wednesday June 30th.
We went to pick Blueberries.

We got quite a few, although there was more green than blue berries.

But I got enough to make a pie.

Thursday July 1st.
Luke and I went to Mathew and Emily's to play games with a few others.
It was a lot of fun.
We played 'Catch-a-Phrase'.

Friday Night July 2nd.
I went to a rodeo with Becky, Irindee, Darrell, Colin and Keith.
My first ever.
That was also a lot of fun.
Here is a cowboy/bull catcher.

It was pretty crazy, They only stayed on the bulls for very very short amount of time. They came out and then were thrown off of the bull.

Then in between bull rides there was motocross guys.
That was really cool.

Sunday July 4th.
Independence day!
It was so very very busy!
We had church in the morning and then right after that we had a picnic on the court house lawn and then some of us walked in the parade.

Helena and Irindee at church.

Miss Mara at our picnic.

Before we walked in the parade they posed for me.
Aren't they cute?

Mr. Aaron.

Ken, Abbi, Mara, Jonathan and Megan walked with Lee Byberg, who is running for congress.
Here they are with him. Minus Ken.

And then some of us ( Tina, Helena, Matt, SuSan, Aaron and I ) walked with Bemidji's Mayor who is running for State Representative.

In the parade I saw a few people I knew. :)
Dan, Molly and Alvin.


I saw Nikowa. :) Sweet girl.

After the Parade they had Ice cream on the courthouse lawn.
It was a very welcome treat as we got very hot and tired while walking.
we walked at least 3 1/2 miles.

Abbi, Instructing something or someone I think. :)

After we had gone home(briefly) and taken naps we went back to church and then after that some of us went to Pizza Hut.
Matt and Becca.

He he. I like this picture for a couple of reasons.
1. Abbi blinks a lot. This shows up in my pictures. but I like her smile.
2. Ken, you can obviously tell, was forced to smile and look at the camera.
3. The guy in the table behind us thought we were really weird.

Luke bumped Aaron and it hurt, So here is Luke trying to make it better with a kiss.

My incredibly sweet and silly niece.

I had root beer. MUG root beer to be exact. Just thought you might want to know.

10:30 PM.
I tried to take pictures of fireworks.
Mara would tell you that too. She sat next to me and was kinda amazed at how many I was taking ( around 250).
I couldn't quite get them right though.
Oh well. More practice for next year. :)

They were very cool though.

11:23 PM
And a special treat. The very busiest I have ever seen Bemidji. Okay, Well there was that one time after a graduation, but that was in the daytime.
I enjoyed it since we don't get traffic jams very often.

The perfect end to a very marvelous day.