Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is America.

Yep. There is a contest over on another blog (The Pioneer woman) for Americana/patriotic photos.
So I was looking in my archives for something,
Turns out all of my photos were taken in the USA. :)
He he. But anyhow. These were some of my favorites.

Listening to the speeches.


Our Nations Capital.

Fair food.

Ice cream cone..

Pie Cherries.
I do like this place I live.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I train my cat.

Some people train their cats to do useless and trivial things.
I don't.
Piper may not know how to fetch, or go to the bathroom in the toilet.
But what he does know is how to give a mean foot massage.

Starting with light pressure,
High five.

relaxing the big toe.


readjusting the bones.
Foot massage by Piper.
yep, actually I didn't train him. He was born with this gift.
or maybe I am making things up.
p.s. The other evening the sun was just lovely.
I had to sit in it and eat potato chips and salami sandwiches. It was very lovely. I recommend it.
I also took a million and one pictures of these horses. OK. Actually more like 30.
Evening Sun.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Itasca -Again! :)

So, this past weekend, I got to go to Itasca again.
I know, I am one lucky duck.
It was lots of fun...
We walked,

We were silly (I told them to stand by the sign, and some* were confused at which sign I was meaning)
*No names mentioned to protect privacy.

We canoed, And ate a picnic on an island. It was kinda awkward though because the island was covered in poison ivy, and the only spot without it was at a slant. It was fun though. :)

We jumped.

and walked some more.

We saw the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi.

and we climbed.

It was a very fun and kinda exhausting day. :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

After the rain..

Yesterday was pretty wild as far as weather goes, We had Heavy rain, Hail, Strong winds and every so often heavy rain with the sun shining. And sometimes just the sun shining.
It was kinda fun. Bipolar weather.
In the evening it stopped raining and looked just beautiful- Sun shining and a few fluffy clouds.
So I decided to go take some pictures.

Purple Clover
Our Corn, I am looking forward to when it produces. :)
Baby Corn.
Hanging on for dear life.
Beetle-Bug Daisy.

Sweet Aster

Raindrop Daisy
Daisy fields...
Daisy fields.

Daisy... :)

It was a charming sunset. I wish I could have caught it on camera better, but I didn't really take time to work on it. ah well, I like it anyhow.


The End.

Monday, June 14, 2010

i just like it.

This photo is from July 2008.
I like it lots.
It makes me think of the paintings that used to be on the back of readers digests.
Those were some cool pictures.
and so is this one.
Yep. I have been looking through old facebook albums of mine. :)
It is fun. I love seeing old photographs.
They help a person remember things.
Like Henry must be getting old-ish cause this was 2 years ago and he looks full size here.
and Gregory has always been cute as far as I can remember.

Itasca State Park.

On Saturday Abbi invited me to go to Itasca with her and the kids, since she had a wedding there that day.
It was kinda overcast but it never really rained until we were in the car ready to go home. :)
We went in some canoes on lake Itasca, That was fun since I have been wanting to go boating this spring and haven't been able to convince anyone to go with me yet. So that was lots of fun.
Here are some cute kids waiting for Abbi to finish setting up her flowers and ice sculpture.
Mara, Jonathan, Aaron and Megan

My lovely sister and niece.
Abbi and Mara

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby chicks are here!

On Tuesday dad brought home our baby chicks. :)
They are very cute.

Eating lunch.

Cute little ball of fuzz.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Henry's week.

This week we are taking care of Henry since the Edwards went to a camp where dogs are not allowed.
Here is his point of view-
Early Friday morning ( 5:30 AM) I woke up and was taken away.
I wasn't quite sure if it was okay, I was shaky and had to watch out of the window and kinda felt like crying.
But I decided that since it was going to happen anyhow I thought I better make the best of it.
so I hopped up on the seat between Lori and Keren and tried to rest.
I think they messed with my ears.
The things I have to put up with.
It was a 4 hour drive and so we had plenty of time for visiting.
That evening after supper they put me to work washing the dishes.

The next morning I went outside and found the leftover spaghetti that was meant for Buster,
It made my beard kind of orange and dirty, So Keren banned me to the outside.
I wasn't too fond of that.
Finally Bonnie took pity on me and washed my face.
It felt so much cooler inside.
I like sitting on the couch, there are so many different positions-
This side...
With pillows... :)
That afternoon Steve and Bonnie were planting the cabbage and squash.
I follow Bonnie around a lot.

Sunday morning before church Luke sang the Folsom prison blues to me.
I wasn't too enthusiastic about that.
This morning I was sitting on the couch like normal when they wanted to sit down to read the bible.
So I tried to make room.
I am adjusting quite well but will be very glad to see my family this weekend.
Love, Henry