Friday, June 18, 2010

After the rain..

Yesterday was pretty wild as far as weather goes, We had Heavy rain, Hail, Strong winds and every so often heavy rain with the sun shining. And sometimes just the sun shining.
It was kinda fun. Bipolar weather.
In the evening it stopped raining and looked just beautiful- Sun shining and a few fluffy clouds.
So I decided to go take some pictures.

Purple Clover
Our Corn, I am looking forward to when it produces. :)
Baby Corn.
Hanging on for dear life.
Beetle-Bug Daisy.

Sweet Aster

Raindrop Daisy
Daisy fields...
Daisy fields.

Daisy... :)

It was a charming sunset. I wish I could have caught it on camera better, but I didn't really take time to work on it. ah well, I like it anyhow.


The End.

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Martha said...

Very pretty picture. Sounds like a fun day. I like it when weather is like that.