Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Yep. I love our place and right now it is so pretty, sorta overgrown too.
Which is part of its charm. right?

Yesterday I decided to take pictures of the overgrown-ness, just cause it's fun.

Our roof is covered in moss, under the trees on the one side :)
It looks kinda like cottage I think.

Buster really loves to watch the goats,
But he is definitely getting older though, not quite as playful and loud.

Ms. Chicken.

Eating bugs I guess. I am not sure, but I think she is the only one that has happened to escape the chicken house. Lucky lady.

Lucas enjoying the lovely weather in his car. Driving backwords too! I like to see you try it. Actually never mind. It doesn't really sound that appealing.

I really like the look of parsnips. They look like little fireworks.

and of course.. our laundry is so very summer-ish. this poor load is still on the line, since yesterday it rained two really heavy quick showers. and then this morning it did again. hopefully some time here it will have a chance to dry though. It is sunny and warm now though.

Have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Base Ball.

Yesterday we went to see Aaron and Jonathan play baseball. sadly we didn't make it for Aaron's game which was first but we did get to see Jonathan's. It was very fun, And they did very well.
Much better than I can play :) They tied 9-9 . They played 4 innings. I guess they usually play only 3.

Utter concentration...

Flying to 1st.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ice Cream!

On our way to the reunion in Illinois we went through Wisconsin and since Wisconsin is known for their cheese and dairy we had to stop at a Creamery. A very splendid treat...
Dad also got some really nasty blue cheese and some Parmesan type. The latter really good though.


Megan looking quite adorable eating her Ice Cream.