Monday, September 22, 2008

a favorite.

Keren, Heidi, and I mud-puddling.

Special thanks to Polly for:

* This picture

* Smiling at me

* Letting me pick out her outfit

* Sharing her clothes

* Doing the dishes

* Telling me stories

* Letting us stop at Panera this morning to say hi to Mom.

* Lending me a dollar for a pop

* Being crazy wonderful.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Missing kids.

Well yup. I thought I would share this photo cause it is a pretty sweet one.
and because I miss the cute kids in it. and the cute kid that is not in it.
Because it is fun to feel sentimental. and I am feeling sentimental about Summer.
Because this captures Summer at its best. and Summer is almost over. It feels over.
But thats O.K. because I love fall. and Fall brings things that are sentimental,
Like birthdays and bonfires and s'mores, cosy sweaters and hot chocolate.