Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today I am- ( or did)
  • Woke up. After a nice refreshing 9 hours of sleep.
  • Am learning new things on my camera. I may not have to go to college now that I am reading the manual. :)
  • Enjoyed and took pictures of fresh flowers that Abbi gave to Mom.
  • Going to go thrift shopping on my way to work.
  • And I will go to work. :) Late shift today.

It is a balmy 17 degrees today. and it does feel warm in comparison to the -10 weather we were having last week. :)

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I am going to try to post something more often. Even if it is only a picture. ok? ok.

and since I have a hard time with titles. you get the date. ok? ok.

p.s. I think Dad and Mom look very Minnesotan in this picture. Maybe actually Scandinavian.

p.s.s. I was going to do a post with the synopsis of all of 2010- But, I had about a million pictures and I got overwhelmed and didn't finish. But it would have been a REALLY long post. And really cool. so maybe I'll do it another day. week. month. year. or something.

Tracy - round three.

This post is a little late, as usually I post it on New years. :)
ah well. I have been not very bloggy.
But it is now officially a tradition for me to take some pictures of Tracy on New Years day.
Here are the previous years.
and here is the 2011 version.
I had a hard time with figuring out the lighting but Tracy looked as lovely as ever.
It was fun. :)

and B&W.

The End.