Monday, December 29, 2008

New things...

Yes.. I am alive. and guess what! that is our new sanctuary at our new church building.

We are all moved in. well. we are almost all moved in. there are just a few little things that have to be done. but for now it works :)
Yesterday was our first service there. anyhow. I thought that I would share our progess...

sorry about not posting recently though. I just lost about 1200 pictures from a harddrive that crashed. and I stupidly did not back up :( And yup. We also have been crazy busy.

Maybe I will be able to post more now though... :) wouldn't that be lovely?
I am assuming if you read this that you like to. and so yup.
Have a very wonderful new year.

Monday, December 22, 2008


This week a pipe for our boiler heater cracked. We had to turn the heat way down to prevent it from leaking and you can imagine the coldness. Brr...
Yesterday it was -11 degrees here in Rochester and today it's -1. How cold is it in Bemidji? Are the roads super slick? There are here.