Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adventures in the back 40.

Today we butchered Chickens, So the Abbi and the kids came over. And when we were done with the plucking Mara wanted to go for a walk in the woods,
So while Mom and Dad and Abbi finished cleaning chickens we took our adventure.
And of course the rest of them came too. It was a Beautiful fall day.
Abbi might have a blog on it sometime. (about the chicken process) Oh and I have a video that I should show you. It involves a chicken... anyhow. have a good day!

Miss Mara

Mara, Aaron and Jonathan.

A boy...

Mara, Hanging over the culvert.

All them cute kids. Megan was kinda preoccupied. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have been rearranging a lot around here. People have hobbies and that is one of mine.
I like to move my bed every few months and maybe the dresser and sometimes Mom will get in the mood and we will rearrange the living room.
Most recently I rearranged my bedroom. actually I completely moved.
I find it so exciting although sometimes I feel a little disloyal to my old bedroom. But I am making up to it by making it a craft room. And art room. I have also been into Painting.
(that is one of my normal hobbies) I really like water colors. and yup.
When ever I do rearrange I am quite excited and happy.
It is like art, and I show it off. although when I try to show it off to
Luke he doesn't quite get it. He says that just isn't his thing.
I guess I can relate, as his hobbies of guns and amps and making clamp thingies for dragging logs just don't really excite me. I enjoy them and like to use them occasionally, but the enthusiasm is not there. Anyhow. what are your weird hobbies?

Monday, October 20, 2008


Little Luke.. :) He bears with me. I guess I really like having a live dolly to dress up.
there are boy ladybugs right???

Pip.. He was helping me set out our green tomatoes to ripen. We had about 50 gallons!

I was trying to swing and take pictures... while Luke was throwing tomatoes at me! :)
I tried to get him back. But.. anyhow....

And a beautiful sunset, The picture doesn't really do It justice. but yup. I love taking pictures of them anyhow.

Today I made a coconut cake with raspberry filling. I am really looking forward to eating it.
I think it is the kinda cake that doesn't look perfect but It tastes perfect. :) hehe. partly why you don't see a picture. Mom and Irindee butchered a Pumpkin today. It was 150 pounds. Irindee took some over to Abbi also. Sooo.... Pumpkin everything here we come. ( I put pumpkin in my coconut cake).

Super duper day to you!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


It's pretty much fall around here. And I pretty much like it.
I have been keeping pretty busy.
My whole family has actually.
This picture \/ Luke is with our new Lumber mill trying to figure something out.
It works Lovely, and I am hoping to use some of the lumber they make for a
play house. I am going under the impression that it is for my nieces and nephews.

I have also been scrap booking a lot lately. thanks to a birthday present from Anna.
:) It's lots of fun to do that sort of thing.
I also read and really liked the book "Brisingr" by Christopher Paloni. It is the 3rd book in his series.

And also keeping me fairly busy is the little baby I take care of. He likes to eat most every thing
as in this picture he is trying to eat my camera. I guess I should feed him more often :)

Life is good and I like living it.

Happy autum to you!