Sunday, October 5, 2008


It's pretty much fall around here. And I pretty much like it.
I have been keeping pretty busy.
My whole family has actually.
This picture \/ Luke is with our new Lumber mill trying to figure something out.
It works Lovely, and I am hoping to use some of the lumber they make for a
play house. I am going under the impression that it is for my nieces and nephews.

I have also been scrap booking a lot lately. thanks to a birthday present from Anna.
:) It's lots of fun to do that sort of thing.
I also read and really liked the book "Brisingr" by Christopher Paloni. It is the 3rd book in his series.

And also keeping me fairly busy is the little baby I take care of. He likes to eat most every thing
as in this picture he is trying to eat my camera. I guess I should feed him more often :)

Life is good and I like living it.

Happy autum to you!


miranda said...

yay, thanks for the update Keren. I've missed you. I always love seeing a glimpse of your life. Sounds like you are doing great. Blog again soon :).

a day in my world said...

lol, what a cutie - both of your boys :P