Monday, October 20, 2008


Little Luke.. :) He bears with me. I guess I really like having a live dolly to dress up.
there are boy ladybugs right???

Pip.. He was helping me set out our green tomatoes to ripen. We had about 50 gallons!

I was trying to swing and take pictures... while Luke was throwing tomatoes at me! :)
I tried to get him back. But.. anyhow....

And a beautiful sunset, The picture doesn't really do It justice. but yup. I love taking pictures of them anyhow.

Today I made a coconut cake with raspberry filling. I am really looking forward to eating it.
I think it is the kinda cake that doesn't look perfect but It tastes perfect. :) hehe. partly why you don't see a picture. Mom and Irindee butchered a Pumpkin today. It was 150 pounds. Irindee took some over to Abbi also. Sooo.... Pumpkin everything here we come. ( I put pumpkin in my coconut cake).

Super duper day to you!


Emily said...

I love staying home...your day sounds really fun!

Anonymous said...

The woods looks just beautiful in that picture of Luke and Dad. The sky and all. I don't know, do Rasp. and Coconut go together, as flavors? Anna

Anonymous said...

On closer looking I think that is Mom in the garden with Luke.

martha said...

Nice pictures. I like seeing your pictures and reading you blogs!