Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adventures in the back 40.

Today we butchered Chickens, So the Abbi and the kids came over. And when we were done with the plucking Mara wanted to go for a walk in the woods,
So while Mom and Dad and Abbi finished cleaning chickens we took our adventure.
And of course the rest of them came too. It was a Beautiful fall day.
Abbi might have a blog on it sometime. (about the chicken process) Oh and I have a video that I should show you. It involves a chicken... anyhow. have a good day!

Miss Mara

Mara, Aaron and Jonathan.

A boy...

Mara, Hanging over the culvert.

All them cute kids. Megan was kinda preoccupied. :)


All in a Day said...

The picture of the three in the tree is really nice!

Anonymous said...

I like all of the pictures except the one of Mara hanging over the culvert! BMW

Abbi said...

Very cute!

Venessa said...

Great pictures - I like the one of Mara and the one of the 3 with the tree. I love these kind of pictures!!

Peggy said...

Love the new blog lay out! Next time can I come on your adventure too?