Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting and Anniversarys

Today is Dad and Mom's Anniversary. :) 36th one to be exact.

Also today is Election day... ( Whoa... Totaly forgot right!?! Since it hasn't really been mentioned on the news at all....)

But hey! :) I am not going to talk about the election. Well. Maybe a little. Vote for LIFE!

There we go. Got that over with.

Peggy, I really think should post... don't you? I think she is slightly busy though.

Tonight we have company coming. 4 Smallish children actually. It will be fun. :)

And company on Thursday, 2 people. and they are not children. And that will be fun too.

Happy Dad and Mom's Anniversary and Election day!!!


me said...

Please tell your mom and dad happy anniversary for me and that I really appreciate their example of a devoted marriage.

Venessa said...

Please tell your mom and dad Happy Ann. from the Barber's too! Congrats to them!!