Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This is Margaret and she is my giraffe. Giraffes are my favorite animal and someday I'm going to own one. We'll take a walk together and you can walk Fido and I'll walk my giraffe.
Life has been really busy - this month especially. School takes up a lot of my time but I think it's very worth it. It's been fun.
Last night my American Government class had an Election day party. It was fun night full of snacks, games, and stimulating conversation. We also had all of our guests take the political compass survey at You should definitely take it. After you do, I'll tell you my results.
The biggest conversation of the night was over whether it was a good idea to vote for someone you don't agree with just because you don't want the other candidate to win or because he is the lesser of the two evils. The majority said yes but the answer is still no. :)
Good to talk to you all again! The blog looks beautiful Keren!
P.S. Will you vote for me when I run in 20 years?


Anonymous said...

We will have to see where you stand on the issues that are important to me at that time. I would like to vote for you though! Anna

Carrie said...

Yes! I will vote for you, Peggy. As you are all things good, pure and lovely. Well, at least lovely.

Keren said...

Of course I would vote for you my friend! Especialy If I got to do something important in your administration :) I am pretty sure I misspelled that word But I can't figure out how.

Peggy said...

keren, I love your profile picture!