Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Blossoms.



It is such a lovely time of year, sometimes warm and sometimes a little chill. Depending on whether you are in the sun or the shadows.
Right now we are starting to get a misty green on the trees. and the grass is brightening up.
I love how when you stand by the cherry tree it is humming. There were probably about fifty different bees just busy doing their work. and a few butterflies resting. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16th 2012




Such a lovely world out there. Kind of looks like we went back to December.  I think it is perfect for fast sledding, but I have to work today and I am pretty sure this isn’t going to last very long.
I love our Minnesota springs. Rather unpredictable.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

An Irish Blessing.

May the friendships you make,
Be those which endure,
And all of your grey clouds
Be small ones for sure.
And trusting in Him
To Whom we all pray,
May a song fill your heart,
Every step of the way.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


and her favorite toy, which happens to be one of dad’s old face masks.
Other favorites include:
  • goat hoofs.
  • Chicken heads.
  • bones.
  • your fingers.
  • scarfs.
  • feet.
The first two she finds in old burying holes. and she likes to share, which I find rather gross actually.
The others she just likes to chew.

But she is a friendly fellow and not at all shy. I think she will be ok on this farm. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Book review

This Thing of Ours”
(How Faith Saved My Mafia Marriage.)

Cammy Franzese is a young woman making her start as a dancer and she meets this guy named, Michael. He is a producer, but it seems as though people believe that there is more to his life.
She doesn't understand. and they fall in love and get married. And it appears that they have an ideal lifestyle. When all of a sudden it seems as though there is more to his story than she thought.

This story is told through her view point and how she clearly needed Christ to help her understand what is going on. Because of her faith she remains devoted to her marriage even when she finds that her husband had a past and present of organized crime.

I found this book interesting in a way, Cammy was rather naive, marrying someone she really didn't know that much about.
But once she had committed to marriage, she stuck with it, raising her children and still visiting her husband in prison- often.
Because of her commitment to her husband, He saw Christ's love through her and also wanted to live a better life.

I didn't especially find it a fascinating read, as some of it seemed kinda like it was written with a candy coating. She seemed rather perfect, which could be true. And rather naive, which could also be true. But as an imperfect person I had a hard time believing it at times.

Would I recommend reading it? I really feel rather neutral about it.

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