Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have been rearranging a lot around here. People have hobbies and that is one of mine.
I like to move my bed every few months and maybe the dresser and sometimes Mom will get in the mood and we will rearrange the living room.
Most recently I rearranged my bedroom. actually I completely moved.
I find it so exciting although sometimes I feel a little disloyal to my old bedroom. But I am making up to it by making it a craft room. And art room. I have also been into Painting.
(that is one of my normal hobbies) I really like water colors. and yup.
When ever I do rearrange I am quite excited and happy.
It is like art, and I show it off. although when I try to show it off to
Luke he doesn't quite get it. He says that just isn't his thing.
I guess I can relate, as his hobbies of guns and amps and making clamp thingies for dragging logs just don't really excite me. I enjoy them and like to use them occasionally, but the enthusiasm is not there. Anyhow. what are your weird hobbies?


miranda said...

My favorite hobbies are... 1.Scrap-booking 2. Stamping 3. Taking Pictures 4. And a new found hobby is that I am teaching myself how to use my old clothes and make patchwork quilts. Wish me luck. I just bought myself a Rotary Cutting set. Hopefully that will help me on my way. Thanks for posting again Keren.

martha said...

I love it! Oh I miss both of you! I am really needing to rearrange my house again, although I did do the girls' room and that helped.:)And Derek's hobbies are similar to Luke's and I really try to get excited about them. ;)
Also I like scrap booking and sewing. I also just started crocheting rugs from rags.

May I be in Gods kingdom said...

I like rearranging to I thik though my favorite things to do is use paper and make wacky thing! it also is very easy because my dad brings home from work a lot of paper! :)