Monday, June 14, 2010

i just like it.

This photo is from July 2008.
I like it lots.
It makes me think of the paintings that used to be on the back of readers digests.
Those were some cool pictures.
and so is this one.
Yep. I have been looking through old facebook albums of mine. :)
It is fun. I love seeing old photographs.
They help a person remember things.
Like Henry must be getting old-ish cause this was 2 years ago and he looks full size here.
and Gregory has always been cute as far as I can remember.


Bonnie Williams said...

I like that picture, too, and it is like the backs of Reader's Digest used to be. It was a hot summer afternoon and the "men" had been working and needed refreshing! Henry wonders where his pop is.

Anna said...

That is a classic! It makes me miss how our garage used to fit two cars and have a clean look :(

Martha said...

I like this picture too. I remember you posting it. Yes, the men and their refreshments. That's so true about garages....