Thursday, June 24, 2010

I train my cat.

Some people train their cats to do useless and trivial things.
I don't.
Piper may not know how to fetch, or go to the bathroom in the toilet.
But what he does know is how to give a mean foot massage.

Starting with light pressure,
High five.

relaxing the big toe.


readjusting the bones.
Foot massage by Piper.
yep, actually I didn't train him. He was born with this gift.
or maybe I am making things up.
p.s. The other evening the sun was just lovely.
I had to sit in it and eat potato chips and salami sandwiches. It was very lovely. I recommend it.
I also took a million and one pictures of these horses. OK. Actually more like 30.
Evening Sun.


Tracy said...

What a talented kitty. :)

Anna said...

That looks very relaxing :)

Anonymous said...

yup that's one gifted cat, but I'm not to sure about the claws though, ehehe