Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wish list...

Holly had this straightener and let me use it. It is so fun. you can straighten of course but also it does wonderfully lovely cascading curls.

This lens would make it much less complicated to take pictures close up and then far away with out having to change my lenses all the time. It is kinda expensive though. Almost $400.

A used Honda accord. This I do hope to get in the next few years. Reliable and cute and nice and a Honda.

Thats all.
For now.



Anna said...

Did you post this so we can start saving for your graduation in May? :)

Keren Ruth said...

well... I did think that if someone was feeling particularly generous I could give them good ideas :)

Polly Blanshan said...

You have high expectations. :D That straightener/curler does look really nice. I'm slightly jealous.

Sarah Blanshan said...

I love my Honda! It is a '96 and still going strong!

Ps. I love the headbands. I think I am going to make some clips with flowers like that for myself.

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