Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The de-tickers.

I'd like you to meet our team of de-tickers.
As in the ones who eat the ticks before the ticks eat us.
This is Fredricka, She is one of the foremen. er... forehens...

The team hard at work.
L to R- Fran, Fifi, Flora, Freida, Fiona and Fonda

Another branch, They focus on the upper yard.
L to R - Fauna, Fuchsia, Fumiko, Flo, Fritzi, Flynn, Mr. Fitzroy, Felice and Fola.

Last but definitely not least -

We have a few more but they were taking dirt baths at the time and I didn't think it appropriate to take their pictures.


Anna said...

Very cute. Do you keep all their names straight all the time?

Keren Ruth said...

No. :)

martha said...

Lovely time of year. I love the bonus fact that they also provide nourishing eggs for the family. I would love to have some for both their bug eating qualities as well as yummy fresh eggs. Nice pictures and story line, by the way.

Polly Blanshan said...

Hehe, I think you have one extra name on two of the pictures.
Methinks you are naming them as you go... :D

Anonymous said...

Polly.....I think you might be correct! But of course they would love to have such lovely names. :)Bonnie