Friday, April 16, 2010

Senior Photos.

Well. Some of them.
You might get one in the mail.
Besides the fact that none are printed.
And you might get invited to a unconventional party. Unconventional because it might be around the fourth of July. Tentatively.
That's OK isn't it?
I am probably going to be officially graduated on the 5th of May.
I say probably because I still have to take a test.
But they say I am smart.
so yup.
The End.
and The Beginning.


The Tripletts said...

You're so cute Keren! I really enjoy your photography!

Betsy said...

These are great! Did you take your own senior photos??

Venessa said...

I love them!! You are so very pretty!

Keren Ruth said...

Thank-you! Luke took them for me :)

Martha Jane said...

I love you. And I really like your pictures. Luke did a very nice job of taking them.

Anna said...

Your pictures turned out great! You are a good model and Luke did a good job capturing you. THe train tracks were a good idea for background.

miranda said...

I was gonna ask the same thing Betsy did. Wow, Luke might have another hidden talent. You look wonderful I especially like the top right :)... Beautiful!