Monday, April 12, 2010

Cloudy day macro.

This morning, well 1/2 an hour ago actually, I decided to take pictures. Close up.
So... I did.

 Maple tree bud.

Maple bud.

Oak tree moss.

Oak tree growth. Fungi. Moss.

First mayflowers of the season.

May Flowers... in April!

spring clover

Spring clover.

Buster eats dirt.

Buster, He is a hard one to take macro of, Since he likes to move. A lot. At least when he thinks somebody is watching him.

on the level...

The End.


Martha Jane said...

Very nice. I like them all.

Anna said...

Interesting new header :)

Erica Lea said...

What a lovely collection of photos. I see you found some hepaticas. Now I'm jealous. ;D