Sunday, April 18, 2010

The many faces of Jonathan.

This is my 8* Year old nephew.

He is - Deathly afraid of kisses (makes a good threat although if I kiss him he tickles me, It is just the fact of figuring out your priorities. )

Has a mischievous smile
Longest eyelashes on planet earth. well, OK. That I've seen.

Very VERY good vocal chords. (loud)

Generally lots of fun to be around.

Cute little bugger.
* I forgot his age and put 7 before. goodness. Old age is creeping upon all of us.


Martha Jane said...

this is very nice. Now I think you should do this for all your nieces and nephews.

Keren Ruth said...

good idea.

Abbi said...

He is a pretty sweet (and loud!) boy. And he is 8.

Keren Ruth said...

woops. :)