Friday, April 9, 2010

So far...

Guess what I made!?! :)
And I think they turned out cute.
Do you want one for your birthday?

Also, today is spring. I mean it is warm and the sun was shining :)
Mara found Mayflowers. Last year we found them in June I think.
And we saw this pretty moth/butterfly.

This morning on the way into town we saw two ducks by the creek so when the kids got here this afternoon we went down to see if they were still there. they weren't but it was a fun walk and time spent by the creek anyways.

Megan checking the water.

Trying to cross the stream. both of them eventually got wet feet :)

Aaron played pooh sticks and successfully caught his stick most times.

I am working on a summer quilt for my bed. It is in blues, yellows and a little green. I am making a simple pattern so I hope I get it finished. I am really good at starting things and never finishing.
But I am trying not to keep up that habit.
Love, Keren
P.s. Happy Birthday Anna Marie!

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Anna said...

Thank you! The creek has really gone down this week. The head bands are really adorable, but I probably wouldn't wear them to often so you don't have to give one to me for my birthday :)