Monday, May 3, 2010

Sweet girls in a Dandelion field...

This past weekend I went to the Edward's house with The Cobb Family.
It was fun to go south and see it get greener. I had some sweet girls let me take their pictures.
It was a very fun weekend and such lovely weather- rain and shine.
Bea and Deborah field.
Sweet Bea and Deborah.

Margaret and Mara in meadow.
Margaret and Mara...

Beatrice and Deborah With their Bouquets on the porch swing. I have always liked stripes with plaid, but Bea just makes it that much better.

Running. Running me over, well, they did stop in time but it was a close one.

Sweet Bea
Miss Beatrice.

Margaret and Mara
Margaret and Mara - Cousins and friends.

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Anna said...

Very sweet pictures, if I do say so myself! (Being the subjects are part mine) So you have an appreciation of stripes and plaids too. I hadn't noticed that in your dressing.