Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So, I named them.
I can only tell the difference of one. (Poppy)
She has a white tuft of hair on her forehead.
But the other ones it is pretty much guessing.
They are fun and cute.
So, without further ado, here they are-
Viola is kinda shy.

Daisy likes to eat clover.

Poppy is adventurous.

All are eating well and exercising (at night).
yep. They're sweet.

p.s. Mara, Jonathan and Aaron have the other three, they named them:
Eureka, Wabbi and Jerky.


Travis said...

SO cute! I can tell a difference between viola, daisy, and poppy. Daisy has white under ears and, Viola is normal, and Poppy has a white neck!

~Love Margaret~
P.S. did you get the part about bringing them down? I have a preferred bunny If you can bring one down and if you can't take all of them down here, I would like to see Daisy!

Keren Ruth said...

I'm bringing all of them :)

Abbi said...

You should have seen one of ours exercising last night! Ken and I watched and laughed. The other two were nicely cuddled up and sleeping under a rag while the energetic one would climb on top of them and then run and jump in an attempt to get out of the box. He almost made it too and the box is now about 14 inches high or so. He tried over and over and over. Now today they just sleep and sleep.

Polly Blanshan said...

Yes! You used one of the names I chose. =D

Anonymous said...

Yep. :)