Friday, May 21, 2010


Last weekend Becky came home. :) well... She came to visit her home. and when she does that it is reason enough to have a party. So she invited people to come to a bonfire.

I came. :)

Luke came.... ( and also I told him to take pictures on the way down as I was holding the cookie bars.) This is Luke. My brother. :)

sky... well. I am not sure she invited it, but it was there. and boy am I glad. I like the sky.

Nikowa! I like this girl. She says "Take my picture!" So I do, as that is one of my favorite things to do.

Some beautiful apple blossom buds.

and when we got there we were put to work getting roasting sticks.
This is Luke getting roasting sticks.
can you see Luke getting roasting sticks?
( that last paragraph reminded me of reading Dick and Jane books.)

Emily was there.

And so was K. He didn't want his picture taken.
Now that is a reason to try the harder. unless the person is serious.
He might have been.... I hope not. :)

Kowa and Matt.
They were sorta getting roasting sticks.

There she is again. Girl after my own heart.
"take my picture again!!"

Tracy and Mandy. Mandy thinks she is a lap dog.

My friend Becca.
Looking ever so photogenic.

This is after Nikowa has used the volumizing power of Marshmallow stickiness. :)
See the way it just lifts her hair up?

A. and Em decided to go get the eggs. I went along to save them from the horses. :)
well. not really.

A. eating some delicious corn on the cob.

Wonder and Rhapsody
They like it when you feed them grass.
Green grass.
H. eating something yummy. :)

Pretty Emily.

There was basketball playing..

There goes Mandy again, thinking she is a lap dog. :)

Matt and Mandy sharing some cheese. :)

Twas lovely.
The end.


Anna said...

That looks like a Very fun Party! It is such a pretty time of year, isn't!

Martha Jane said...

That looks like an ever so lovely party. and most wonderful company as well. I think if Becky came to visit me that it would totally be a good enough reason to have a big party. I don't think I would like marshmallow as a styling gel...

Anna said...

What did you do with your music? I came here just for that and it is gone!

a day in my world said...

I'm glad all of you came! Thanks for sharing your pictures although I think we could have done without that lovely picture of me :)

Anonymous said...

hello, nice pics of the bunnies and bonfire. Say hi to your family for me