Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baby Bunnies.

This morning they were tilling and mowing the garden they found a nest of baby bunnies.
There were 8, but one ran away and another got cut from the tiller. :(
So we have 6 little bunnies sleeping in our living room.
I am planning on taking care of them until they are able to go back outside.
they are awfully adorable.

So sweet.

If you have any suggestions for names I shall take them into consideration. :)
Or on how to take care of them. I found some information but if you have anything else you know please tell.


Earl Larson said...

Michelle had wild rabbits a few times. Molly thinks that Molly would be a good name for a rabbit. And Heidi thinks Heidi is a good name. :)

Martha Jane said...

Um that was me. :)

Jenn said...

They are just too adorable! As for name suggestions...we had two wild bunnies in our yard last year that we named Clover and Tulip. Of course there's always the obvious choice of Thumper :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute bunnies.

Polly Blanshan said...

Adorable! You should probably name them Horatio, Fabio, Theopholis, Lila, Poppy, and Willow. :)

Travis said...

I think Greta would be a good name, and freeda! :)
~Love Margaret~

Travis said...

Also when you come down can you bring one. I am jumping,Margaret

Hollysnails said...

you can name them : taste, just, like, chicken, yummy, yummy 2

Anonymous said...

Awww sO cute. Can u tell witch ones are boys or girls?