Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mayday Eve.

...and that is when we went for a walk, May Day eve, which happens to be my mom's birthday.
but we were not at the same place as her. but I do say that we celebrated quite grandly.
I take that back, it was simple.
and that is most often best.

At the right in the photo is the fruits(flowers) of our walk.
Oh my! the fragrance was amazing. I love the smell of lilacs.
Bea's and my pulchritudinous bouquet.
(If you know what that means I'm impressed!{without looking, I looked})

Look at that grass! I love long green grass.
Look at those girls! I love those girls. Much much more than the grass.

I kinda was a slow walker, thankfully Bea kept me company.

Isn't that a dreamy looking place? That was were we had the wedding. well, actually I don't think the wedding actually happened but you see the bride(Bea) and the bridesmaids ( Margaret and Mara) they were all lovely in their coordinating outfits of bright and beautiful colors.
and of course the bouquets - so very delightfully aromatic.

and there you see my lovely Margaret
I do love her too.

The end.

p.s. I put a playlist at the bottom. If you want to shut it off you can. I like it an awful lot. It has been changed a few times and might be changed a few more.


Anna said...

Does pulchritudinous mean very strong smelling? Or multiple blooms of one flower? Or very beautiful? Or what?

Keren Ruth said...

yah, it is lovely or beautiful.