Friday, January 29, 2010


...I burnt my hand, and felt sorry for myself. But really. it isn't too bad. and I am thankful that I am pretty heal-able. and that I won't be without a right hand for long.
Luke got a new computer. a Macbook pro. It is pretty exciting. I think he might even let me play with it before next year. Just kidding! I did get to a little tonight. (while he was on the phone)

I watched the Dick Van Dyke Show. It is pretty funny. Luke has netflix and some things you can watch instantly. that is one of them.

I did do other things too.
But these are the most interesting.
Have a marvelous evening.


martha said...

I'm sorry about your fingers.

Yay Luke!Looks like a fun new toy.

Anna said...

I have been worring about your fingers. It looks like they'll heal anyways. I am so Glad!