Friday, January 15, 2010

A day in the life of Lucas ( at our house)

He gets here about noon, and we eat lunch pretty soon after he comes,

Usually he starts out in his chair and then he gets down, goes and sits with dad and then moves on to mom and so forth. :) This particular time he brought a friend.

Then comes nap time, which is actually pretty fun because we get to turn on the Christmas lights and read stories.

After naps we usually have a snack, He likes raisins,pickles, cookies, bread or most anything sweet. :)
And sometimes I will bake and he will lick the beaters. It is an important job. And by the way, He likes pink, and can say it quite proficiently.

Here he is with mom who happens to be one of his favorite people. If mom is around, I don't have much of a chance :)
Often he will get a book and grab mom to read it to him.

One thing I don't have a picture of here is him playing with trucks.
He usually has one handy all the time. taking them every where.
He plays with them all the time and he is a careful driver making sure not to crash, although if I happen play with him and crash my cars into his, he thinks it is the most hilarious thing.

Really, I love my job.


martha said...

Yay. He is a sweet boy for sure.

Kennedy boys said...

Well, I just got shut out of the basement by my son, so him and grandpa could play.