Sunday, January 10, 2010

scenes of summer...

Sometimes about in the middle of January, I get a little bit homesick for summer.
Sooo... to ease my pain I look at pictures of our lovely Minnesota in the summer/spring :)
Our road at the bottom of the hill.
A Mama goat and her twins.

The creek by Peggy's house.

Somewhere rural MN, When Luke and I took a different way home from Rochester.

In our back 40. actually, It is right behind the Raspberry Patch and I just like that rock. and birch trees. I do appreciate Birch trees.

Now, back to winter. I think I can handle it.
The End.


Anna said...

So pretty!! Winter is great but summer is even better!

martha said...

I like birch trees too. maybe I will plant a couple in my front yard. And I like summer too.