Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pink Frosting Cupcakes.

I made them-


I wanted to take pictures of pink frosting.

That isn't the only reason.

I also like to eat pink frosting.

and so does Lucas.

The cake is OK. But really, I already regret that I didn't make it chocolate.
But alas. It is good to get out of the mold, If only to make it more enjoyable when you get back in.


Anna said...

Did you flavor/ color it with marshino cherry juice? That would be yummy. ~♥~

Christy said...

Lovely pictures!!!

Keren Ruth said...

No, I did PepperMint. Cherry would have been good though.

Keren Ruth said...

and thank you :)

miranda said...

Oh SO YUMMY!!! And I Love the pictures. I also enjoy that you are posting much more often right now :). Your new look to your blog is also very very nice!

martha said...

You take such lovely pictures! The cupcakes are beautiful too.