Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Last night Luke and I babysat the Cobb kids. I thought it was kinda cute the way they were watching the Wily Coyote on Luke's computer.
Here is a picture of my cute little charge, who actually I should go wake up. but yup. He's cute.

I got a new job. A sweet little girl. Her name is Jenna.
I will be watching her mostly on the days that Lucas doesn't come. She wasn't too sure that her parents should leave her, But she eventually decided that we were OK. :)
(isn't her shoe cute!?!)

and in other news.... Abbi is having a giveaway and I know that by telling you this I may get competition. but, yup. it ends tomorrow ( February 4th, 2010).

Have a lovely day!


All in a Day said...

LOL about the competition. How old is Jenna?

Keren Ruth said...

:) she is 5 months.

Anna said...

Jenna does have cute shoes. Where does she come from?