Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturday afternoon tea.

It was a small affair. Five guests and myself. One a Famous Ballerina, Two cowboys and one small Fairy. and also a very small blue green pony.
~The Menu~
Tuna salad on Saltines
Petite Pickle Spears
Chocolate Peanut butter fudge
Hot Chocolate
Performance by Rowena (ballet)
Performance by Sari (also ballet)
Both were met with enthusiastic applause.
~Miss Sari Fairy~
~Little Lord Fauntly~ ( not quite sure if the name fits the personality :] )

~Knight Jonathan Ransome~ ( known for his exuberant taste in hats.)

~Miss Rowena Randle~

At the Tea. Where we had hot cocoa :)
and I forgot to take a portrait of Ellina Equine- she is at the end of the table, sorta hidden by the flowers.

The End.
Love, Madame Elizabeth Sparkles. :)


martha said...

Looks like a grand and lovely affair.

miranda said...

beautiful indeed!

Abbi said...

It looks so festive and fun! I heard tales of it. (Mostly about the good food.) Thanks so much for taking care of them!