Monday, September 13, 2010

The News for today....

Aaron lost a tooth.
and so now instead of a tooth sticking out at an odd angle adorably, he has a nice empty space.
Cute kid.
I love big holes in kids mouths. this kind anyhow.
He finally got it out as he drank his hot cocoa this morning. :)
Yesterday was my birthday.
I didn't take very many pictures.
But it was a lovely day,
First thing in the morning we went to Caribou Coffee, Because I had a coupon for a free drink on my birthday. That was fun. Peter and Holly, Nic, Aaron, Jaten and Kaitlin came along.
and of course Luke.
Then was Church, Song service was lead by Luke and Dad and Peter played their instruments.
It was a very lovely service.
Darrell had a good sermon on love.
Then fellowship dinner. There was yummy food and good visiting.
After that some of us went home and took naps while some others went shopping and some went to a wedding.
I had gotten material and a pattern for PJ pants from Emily for a birthday present so I started on those and I would have got them done but my sewing machine decided not to work.
I think Dad got it fixed now though.
Before Church Luke wanted his picture taken for a new profile picture on Facebook, so I took that and this cute one right here.
At church we had a good study about the Holy spirit and then after church we all went out to eat. We ended up going to McDonald's. I wanted to go to Country Kitchen as I would have gotten a free meal and dessert but since nobody else would have it would have been more expensive.
and yes. It was a very happy birthday.
I think I would like to do it again next year. :)
Love, Keren
p.s. I didn't take very many pictures. And so I am going to try to write more. I may not be able to write as well as take pictures but I am going to try to practice more. Sooo... You my friend get to read it. Or not. :)


Martha said...

Very lovely. I am glad you had a happy birthday.

Donna Jean said...

what a lovely pic of peter and jaten :)

Martha said...

Keren, I miss you.

Anonymous said...

From Maria Aline:
Yours photographys are totally beautiful...congratulations, the childrens... so cuties. I love childrens, ah, i´m brazilian, from Pernambuco, but i live in São Paulo. I speak just a little your language, just what i know^^

Anonymous said...

From Maria Aline again^^
I´m a writrer and designer and i love God. The church where I attend
is the Congregação Cristã no Brasil, the church where the women use the veil. Just to say...sorry for the hassle >_<

Follow my blog too, please^^