Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rollag Steam Festival.

Today we went to the Rollag Steam Festival.
We met Peter, Holly, Nic and Jaten there.
It was a chilly day but there was lots to see and good company.
Lumber Mill.

Peter and Jaten.

Big tractors in the parade.

Dad stepping out of the old time print shop.
Riding the little train.

Jaten and Nic.

Taking pictures... or chewing on the camera... :)
Some people just decided to take their nap in the middle of everything.
It was kinda funny.

Travel mates. Most of them smiled nicely.

It was a very interesting place for the guys. I can't say that it is my favorite place to go, but I did enjoy myself.


Martha said...

Looks like a cool day. mostly because the company is nice and it is fun to be outside like that.

Anna said...

The nappers make me think of Gene and June. They would do that. Cute people are such a fun blessing to be around in life. They send smiles in just the memories they have left us.