Friday, August 13, 2010


Just in case you were missing winter,
Here are some pictures of it.

Snowy post.
One thing.... Sunsets are better in the winter. Or maybe it is because they are earlier on the day I notice them more. :)

Elf Gregory.

Gloomy, gray snowy day. This was Christmas day actually.:)

In January I posted pictures of summer, so I thought that since it is the middle of summer I would post some of winter. :)

Love, Keren

p.s. I don't miss wintertime.


Abbi said...

Fun pictures. Winter is awfully pretty!
Your blog looks neat.

Anna said...

I like your new header!

Keren Ruth said...

Anna, do you recognize the flowers? :)

Anna said...

Umm, yes I do recognize the flowers, that is what made me like it so much:) And, I noticed you didn't keep it long. How sad.

Keren Ruth said...

lol. Sorry Anna. I liked it too. but I like this better. :P