Thursday, August 12, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

So. I have a few pictures to share with you.
of a few things I'm a fan of.
that I LIKE.
that are cool.

Just kidding. Not all of them are cool. or do I like. or am I even a fan of.
Okay... Actually I like all of them.
yep. This is also part of my series... that I've kinda haven't posted about in a long time.
my Thank-ful list.

I'm a fan of thankful, by the way.

It is a very healthy thing.
Healthy for your soul, and I believe that the healthier your soul is, the healthier your body.


I think whole wheat is also healthy, and green beans and bananas. But now we are totally getting off track. :)

Luke found a four leaf clover. That was cool.

I painted my fingernails an obnoxious shade of pink and I didn't really care for it at first, but now I kind of like it.

I'm a big fan of silly.

I rode a Ferris wheel. That was cool.

I almost got run over by a cart. I'm thankful I am here to talk about it today. :)

I saw some really sweet piglets. Are they not the cutest!?!

SO sweet.


Fairy Bea.


Bea girl. I really like this picture. I like shadows in my pictures. the right kind of shadows anyhow.

My lovely Anna Marie.




It was a big bee.

On the way home from the cities we stopped at Cabala's and Bea and I played checkers at one of their fake living rooms in the furniture part of the store.

I did some of the chores while Dad and Mom were in IA, I gathered eggs. and fed and watered chickens and watered goats and .... That's about it.
I like going home new ways, Sometimes when we go home from church I will ask Luke if we can go a different way. It is fun. and today after bible study, I went a different way and had to go on a detour past a second hand shop, so I decided to stop. I had the most delightful time wandering through it.
so.. Moral of story- Do try different routes.
It's fun.

Last night, since we were home alone, Luke and I decided to go out to eat for supper, We went to Mariachi, a new-ish Mexican restaurant. The food was kinda gross, but I like the atmosphere and the company. And it was really cute, 2 different kids at different times peeked in our window when we were eating. That was fun.


Anna said...

There were a lot of very good pictures here, but I must say my favorite was the cart occupants that about ran over you! It made me laugh out loud. Concha, Matt and Luke are great actors! Ferris wheels are so photogenic.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's me the egg picture is really really well done. Nice Job!
Keep taken those pictures - matt

Martha said...

I like the egg picture too. And the cart picture, well I laughed so long and loud my whole family had to come see it. Your portraits are lovely too, beautiful people. The picture of Kendra with Buster and Piper IS so sweet. The nail color, is quit obnoxious, I think it would be rather shocking every time you saw them.

Anna said...

I like the Pictures AND Especially
THE CART ONE:)~Beatrice