Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The very best time of year. sorta.

This time of year it is always busy around here, preparing for winter.
We have frozen lots of vegetables, Corn, Broccoli, Green beans, tomato sauce.
It is rather exciting thinking about the times we can pull a little bit of summer out to eat.
And then the boys, and sometimes girls (Mom actually helps alot out there) :)
cut and bring wood up to the wood sheds.

Here is Abner watching Mom harvest the onions and carrots.
and Mom and Piper, for some reason Piper really likes Mom. and hangs out with her alot. :)
It is rather funny at times since Mom is definitely not a animal lover.
and one of our beautiful pumpkins.

Have a lovely fall day!


martha said...

Mom's gloves and hat match. She sure dresses up to go out in the garden. The cat looks pretty sweet there with mom.
Your pictures are beautiful as usual. You live in such a beautiful place.

miranda said...

I agree with Martha, you do live in a beautiful place. All so green and full of bountiful harvest. I LOVE your pumpkin Picture. Beautiful. And the picture of Aunt Bonnie with piper is precious. Another great post :)