Saturday, September 3, 2011

dear, sweet, Saturday.

I do so love having the freedom of waking only when I am done sleeping, not earlier.

I love wearing whatever my heart pleases. which so happened on this day to be a plaid flannel shirt, jeans and moccasins.


There is a delightful chill in the air today.

I love having time to work on my painting. It is not very close to done. but I made a lot of progress and I am taking a few artistic liberties, such as the red door. :-) oh and how in the world do you paint windows?  I am going to make it a spring time picture, since I really love it when the crab apple tree behind our house blossoms. It is such a lovely thing. and  I missed it this year. I do not know how. but I did.


IMG_9438I added a quilt to my bed today. It feels chilly enough for extra blankets to me. 

I played piano and read about Emily Dickinson.

I watched an episode of Gilmore girls. It is kind of funny. : )

I ate a lunch of corn, tomatoes and avocado, that was delicious. I have been putting pesto on my corn on the cobb. Yum.  

oh and, I like fall. and it feels like fall. and I am excited. yippee!


Wendy said...

This entry made me smile. I completely agree with all of it! I'm also envious that it's cool enough for you to use a quilt. I'm eagerly awaiting cooler temps here in Florida but unfortunately that wont happen until the end of October (meh).

PS- Your painting is great! :)

Andrea said...

I am so jealous of your cool weather as well! And I adore Gilmore Girls :)

Loved reading about your Saturday!

Sarah said...

I'm new to your blog and love it!!

Gilmore girls is funny and they speak my language (super fast talking!) Fall is my favorite time of year and it makes me super happy to drink tea, wear boots, and enjoy cool evenings!

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