Monday, March 28, 2011

It's kinda fun.

I am.

Starting a revolution, that is.

Mondays always seem kinda like the worst day of the week. So I decided that it would be nice to try to make them not so bad.

I started last week by writing a lot of little notes. I sent notes in lunches(we had a program at church where we sent lunches with people) , I left notes at work in odd places and I gave notes to people...

I'm not sure if it made to much of a difference in their day, but it most definitely made my day a lot of fun.

So... if you would like to join me- feel free. :)

These are for you all.

Happy Monday!


Abbi said...

Thanks for the encouragement to have a good Monday! I think it is going pretty good here. I hope yours is going well too!

Martha said...

Ah, you're sweet. I am sure everyone who got a note in lunch today was smiling as they at their Monday lunch for a change.