Thursday, March 10, 2011


I don't take a lot of pictures of food, but sometimes food is just so lovely.

and I like to document lovely.

Messed up frosting...oops.

one giant egg.

Rainbow cupcakes. Angel food cake with raspberry sauce. Sunny eggs.
These were the few pictures I have taken of food this year.

I guess my interests are eggs and cake. :)

Both are good.


All in a Day said...

Eggs and cake...protein and dessert :)

Anna said...

I like your new header and background a lot!!!

Martha said...

I like the new 'look.' great pictures.
um, blogger thinks I need to go on a diet after reading this post. (the word verification is =diats.) :)

miranda said...

I love the new look. Did you put that together yourself? Very creative Keren! :) And I LOVE all your pictures. Never give it up!