Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Whirlwind. Random pictures and stories.

So, for a while we really had a spring. Blue skies and warm weather ( well, 50s)
The goats are finally starting to deliver. This is onyx. She looks kinda uncomfortable. Mara says that it looks like she is about ready to have her babies. so maybe today :)
*edit* She delivered 2 beautiful boys. They are brown.

on the way to church the other evening, it was very lovely out and perfect for taking pictures.
I like this picture. Even though my hand looks malformed.
The picture makes me think though, I should wash the windows and mirrors in Luke's truck. :)

We have been tapping the maple trees. There is one batch right now that is about done boiling down outside. Then we will bring it in and boil it down some more and then can it.
Abbi is here right now helping with keeping the fire going.

Tuesday was Dad's birthday. we went to the Cobb's house. and like at Mara's birthday party we were entertained with a circus. That is the ring master on the left and the clown on the right.

This is Megan while Dad was reading her card. and opening the presents. :)

Birthday cake. Chocolate cake with a fluffy meringue type frosting with a mocha flavor.

Dad and Mom.
on Dad's 60th birthday.
Sunday evening we had a Bonfire at church. I like this picture of Abbi.

Irindee, H. and Lucas. Luke sure does like the babies. :)

The other evening it was just so lovely out so I took the four wheeler for a ride on the back 40. The creek was really full.

Piper and Lucas, seizing the day. :)

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Anna said...

That is a really good picture of Mom and Dad! The circus clown is quite the guy!