Monday, February 4, 2008

Tea partys and Charming guests.

Aaron, Beatrice, Margaret and Maranatha.

Mr and Mrs Cobb Williams
They are 62 years old and have 2 Children 10 months and 1 year.
( this is information from Mr Cobb-Williams)



All in a Day said...

That is a VERY cute picture of Aaron and Beatrice. You should put more like it up. :) Tracy

martha said...

Mr. and Mrs. cobb williams sound like a very nice couple. I would have loved to meet them.:)
what a fun tea party!

Betsy Cradic said...

What a handsome couple! And quite talented to have two children only two months apart, and at the age of 62 at that! :)

Bob said...

Hhhmmmfff. I wasn't invited.

Bob said...
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Polly Blanshan said...

The pictures of Beatrice are adorable!