Friday, January 25, 2008

Team Pictures

Wednesday at practice we had our team pictures taken. It was quite exciting.
We are a little sweaty after practicing for half an hour before hand but I must
say we still look quite beautiful.

Left to right, back row: Jessica Christians, Rachel Rudlong,
Shoshana Womeldorf, Jaclyn Erickson, me, Coach Joel Nordrum.
Front row: Nicole Anderson, Karly Savoy, Nicole Matlack, Kathie Zoellner,
Catherine Fisher.

The guys aren't very good at the smiling thing.
Back row: Assitent Coaches Sid Frye and Joe Anderson, Rob Washington,
Pierre Fulford, Eric Perry, Micah Zawistowski, Brett Capes, Chris Cronin,
Coach Brad Vaught.
Front row: Emmanuel Lima, Ben Beard, Ben Johnson, David Rollen,
James Bolin, Terry Ayers.

We leave in an hour for a game in North Dakota. Please pray for a safe trip!


Anonymous said...

Especially #15!

Keren said...

you do look lovely! :)

Bob said...

15 or 50.

All in a Day said...

Yes, you do look nice but it's hard to leave comments when there aren't posts for what seems like a long time. :P Tracy

Polly Blanshan said...

Okay you girlies...time for more posts.