Saturday, August 20, 2011


August 20th 2011 002

Here we are contesting to see who can be the most colorful. I think the only way I could win a contest of “who can look most colorful” is if I didn’t tell her about it. :) But alas, that wouldn’t be fair. and I am not even sure I could win then.


Abbi said...

I will have to look for some really bright clothing or assesories for your birthday. Somehow your stuff just doesn't look quite as bright as MollyBea's.
Good try though. You are improving.

Tracy said...

You could raid her closet... :P

Pamela :D said...

Nose write English well.
but I wanted to say I love the colorful clothes is very feliz.Quisiera .. see more colorful things that you can find on your farm .. I am from a city!