Monday, April 4, 2011

Daisy-Flower Popcorn.

This is she.

Daisy-Flower Popcorn.

She is our bottle fed baby. Bottle fed babies are special because like any life form- you become attached to your mommy. and since we are the feeders, we get to be the mommy.

My timer picture. :) Everybody else was kinda busy so I decided to take our own picture. It was kinda awkward though because I had to kneel down in the mud. But that was kinda fun too. :)

Megan named her Daisy-Flower. Now Daisy is a bit of a rerun name, but since it was Megan's naming job it is excusable. :) But I added the popcorn. Just 'cause I liked it.


Tracy said...

You look so cute though!

Martha said...

I like your posed picture.

Christy said...

This is so cute. I think this would be fun...esp. for my children!