Saturday, October 3, 2009

Potato picking.

On Wednesday we (29 of us) went to Park rapids to find some potatoes.
and did we find them!
at first it didn't look like there was very many but a fellow tipped Dad off to where there was a big pile that was not going to be used, so while the rest of us picked over the fields he and a few others went and filled all of the sacks that we had brought.
all in all our truck load was about 2000 pounds and adding everybody else's it was probably close to 3000 lbs in all.
Miss Megan. She was a good helper!
Emily and Mara had a good time picking potatoes.

Laura Danielle

Lucas and Mom.

working hard.

It was kinda funny, they didn't let the kids ride in the back since the back window was covered up, but they stilled liked sitting back there while it was stationary.
So now we have potatoes which is pretty great. It was kinda neat how that we can use what would usually be wasted.
This Sunday (October 4th) we are having an Open house at church, and we will be having baked potatoes :) You all are welcome to come! Here is info.
Have a lovely day!


miranda said...

How can you get that many potatoes to last that long? Mine usually go bad so quickly. I'm so curious.

Keren said...

We keep them In a cellar which keeps them pretty well. I guess by the end of the summer though they are not very nice.

Anonymous said...

The root cellar is under the floor of the shop and keeps the potatoes at about refrigerator temperature. It is very nice to always have potatoes on hand. Bonnie

miranda said...

Huh, So the cooler temp is better for them. I guess it makes since. Do they still get the "eyes" on them? We have an extra fridge downstairs but I hadn't ever thought to refrigerate potatoes. Thanks :)