Sunday, May 3, 2009

Well this past week we have had the Cobb kids here while their parents were in D.C. for some conferences and also just sightseeing.

It has been kinda hectic but really it has been a lot of fun. They are always full of ideas and each of them have their very own personality. And lots of it, making us laugh a lot.

Megan Helping Grandma Strain the milk. She was the helper. Very often wanting to help "wash" the dishes.

I don't know if you can tell but Luke has earplugs on in this picture :)
and yes. It was loud. very loud. But really noise is a wonderful thing.

On Monday Matt brought his four wheeler to store at our house...
They were immediate fans of it! We ended up cleaning up a lot of the leaves from the back yard, because to get a ride they had to help pick up the leaves :)

Mom's birthday was on Thursday, We had Lemon Meringue pie for her "cake", Aaron and Jonathan declared it " the best dessert ever!" :)

It was a very exhausting experience for some. Megan almost fell to sleep at supper.
which she kinda woke up when we had dessert. I guess it was too good to miss.

and also there was love all around. well. most of the time.

Jonathan and Aaron found a lot of worms to go fishing with,
So we made it an outing. First a picnic on the way, Then fishing for all under 16.
They each caught something... :) Mara got some grass, Jonathan a stick and Aaron some sea weed. But they didn't really mind. It was just pretty fun.


martha said...

I love all of these pictures!!

Luke Williams! I bet having the ear plugs in just made them feel the need to be louder!

I like Mom's new apron!

miss you all.

Abbi said...

Thank you all so much! They really did have a wonderful time! The boys do want Lemon Meringue pie for their birthdays but Jonathan was thinking maybe he should have a Lemon Meringue cake (layered with choc. cake) and possibly add some strawberries and ice cream too. I told him I thought that might be a bit much!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!! Abbi- that Birthday desert sounds awfull! :) Luke is certainly a stodgey old Uncle now isn't he! Anna